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Talk About It!

Jan 20, 2022

Greg Grunberg is joined by an amazing group of epilepsy advocates working together to create Seizure Smart Schools in their states and ultimately around the country:

Cyndi Crunk and her daughter Lyndsey championed Kentucky’s Lyndsey Crunk Act in April 2018. Barbara Watkins, in loving memory of her daughter Samantha championed Texas’ Sam’s Law in June 2019.  Colleen Quinn and her son Paul St. Pierre championed New Jersey’s Paul’s Law in January 2020.

Hear all of their amazing and inspiring stories and learn how you can help create seizure safe schools in your community.

Join their Facebook page/group: National Epilepsy Advocates for Seizure Safe Schools.

This podcast series is sponsored by Greenwich Biosciences, the US leader in the field of cannabinoid prescription medicines.

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